Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The air is crisp!

I am very excited about a real fall here! It will be my first fall in many years and its kind of exciting for me. The air is changing and the colors are changing and its getting crisp outside. I can't wait for making pumpkin bread and roasting marsmallows!(although I don't know if you can get marshmallows here)
I ate my first chestnuts the other day- they are quit tasty little delights. My father told me when he was a kid they used have vendors roasting them on street corners in Philly before the blight that killed them all. :( Oh how sad it is that we nolonger have chestnuts in the states(at least not local ones) you will be missed little chestnuts!
I am loving living with all the other teachers i always have someone to talk to and or something to do. This weekend I will be doing the 5k run/walk from Asia to Europe....I will be sure to post pics!
My Turkish is coming along ever so slowly, but then again languages were never my strongest subjects. Right now I know the words for foods, animals, and numbers and the only sentences I can put together are ones involving ordering food, but I guess that's all I really need -right? I am off to grade-the best part of my day!

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